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Freedom Youth Club

Freedom Youth Club Open Monday and Wednesday 7.00pm

Registered Charity No 283316

Freedom Youth Club is a bright, vibrant and exciting place to go.pool table Come along and give it a go!!

Improved facilities include traditional activities such as Pool, Table Tennis, Table Football, Basketball and dance area, TV with exciting new equipment on its way according to a youth generated wish list!!

Activities and nights out are also available and are youth driven.

Young people are often not aware of the brilliant opportunity so close to home so please take the time to tell them about us wherever you live.

The aim of the club is to provide a safe place for all youth to enjoy social and leisure activity that is stimulating, diverse and engaging for youth aged 11+ to 19.

We actively encourage youth participation and use ideas generated to drive and improve our club, ensuring that the voice of the youth is listened to and acted upon appropriately.

Our aim is to challenge, engage and facilitate youth to make responsible decisions. Ensure youth develop into confident, responsible members of the community and have lots of fun on the way.

We expect youth to learn to communicate and work with peer groups to ensure their ideas get the support they need. This will include “Out of the box” ideas and activity to generate funds to fulfil visions and dreams!

We actively encourage a responsible attitude to the well- being of others and encourage a community spirit. Trust and respect to all are key themes.

footballVisiting / Access
Visits to the club are encouraged whatever your age you are welcome to visit.
You may have skills that we can use or you may wish to donate, time or give, financial assistance. Please phone the Chairman to arrange a visit 01202 873786.
If you are a youth just turn up! Access for disabled is easy.

A Management team of Youth, Parents and Volunteers take responsibility for the running of the club on behalf of the Parish and Local Community. Local Councillors take a keen interest in us and facilitate and support us. Dorset County Council provides trained staff and Management support. All Leaders and volunteers that work directly with youth are checked against the Criminal Register Bureau. The Team work in accordance with a Constitution which is currently under a major review. 

The youth work undertaken is conducted according to a set of values which include:

  • A commitment to equal opportunities
  • Young people have their voice heard and influence the decisions made with regard to the running of the club and its activities.
  • Helping young people to develop their own set of values

Activities may include:

  • Arts based work
  • Sports and outdoor activities
  • Use of IT and other media related activities
  • Information and advice on a range of topics and services
  • Programmes of alternative accredited learning such as Duke of Edinburgh Award, the Dorset Award and Arts Awards.

In addition to:

  • Meeting their friends
  • Spending time in a safe environment
  • Taking part in specific activities
  • Developing projects and activities with their peers
  • Building relationships with adults
  • Getting help and advice

Targets and objectives

By attending the youth club and engaging with the activities young people will hopefully:

  • Gain confidence and self esteem whilst having fun and socialising with their peers
  • Develop new skills and interests
  • Increase their knowledge and understanding of issues affecting their lives
  • Develop planning and teamwork skills
  • Learn how to make informed choices about their lives